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What to expect with DEI

WHO – Organizations interested in collaborative leadership for sustainable DEI results


  • Strengthen productivity
  • Enhance sense of belonging
  • Institutional understanding of organization mission
  • Develop strategic adaptability for change
  • Improve opportunities for innovation
  • Early access to untapped talent
  • Increase growth and financial gains – read Forbes 2018 Study


  • Diverse team of experienced senior-level consultants
  • Years of experience in DEI, organizational development, human resources, training, coaching, assessment and report writing
  • Evidence based approach
  • Expertise in sustainable assessment for continual realignment and progress


  • Getting underway – Develop common understanding of DEI and the benefits. Define project leadership and approach that best fits your organization and strategy to support your mission.
  • Discovery and assessment – Identify corporate and individual readiness for DEI strategic initiatives through interviews/focus groups with key stakeholders at all levels, and review of relevant current information about the organization (e.g. strategic plan, HR policies, organizational data by race, ethnicity, gender, disability, age).
  • Analysis – Report the findings from discovery and assessment phase. Understand current state of readiness.
  • Recommendations -Identify goals and next steps based on the findings for your institution to incorporate DEI principles to strengthen your strategic position. Define key metrics to measure success.

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