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Leadership & Career Coaching

Sign saying: If you change nothing, nothing will change.

Renga Consulting helps individuals assess career goals and position themselves to thrive professionally, including but not limited to:

Leadership development

  • How to develop a pathway from staff/sole contributor to supervisor/manager
  • Assessment of readiness
    • Leadership skills
    • Commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion
    • Mentoring your staff for their career and your success
  • How to communicate your leadership goals
  • Leadership style assessments to bring out the leader in you
  • Reading the room and other training opportunities

Academic achievement

  • Review goals and opportunities
  • Talking to your department chair or other senior leadership
  • Appreciating your strengths and turning your challenges into assets
  • Is there a match (ideal job versus current qualifications)
  • Performance issues and how to outgrow them
  • Communication tools
  • Review success/barriers and how to communicate
  • Targeted editing of CV, annual self evaluation, annual review

Job transitions

  • Geographic transitions
  • Job loss transitions
  • Time for a change
  • Assessing strengths and weaknesses
  • Salary expectations and negotiations
  • Networking
  • Mock interviews
  • Managing your new boss

Difficult work or personal transitions

  • Identify problems and potential solutions
  • Develop action plan
  • Develop opportunities and how to handle difficult conversation
  • Practice conversations
  • Coach as accountability partner

Career tools

  • Resume development
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • How to identify and use networking opportunities
  • Cover letter templates
  • Interview preparation
    • Understanding the organization
    • How to interview on-line and in person
  • Time management
  • Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reasonable, and Time Specific (SMART) Goals leading to Action Plans