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Strategic Planning

Sign saying: A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Renga provides organization-wide strategic planning to help define mission, objectives, and strategies. The process builds strong, effective management and working teams, matching job duties to the overall mission of the organization.

Renga offers a proven process for gathering input from all stakeholders in:

  • Developing a common vision for the future
  • Stimulating a greater commitment and ability to implement decisions and strategies
  • Identifying the optimal structure for decision-making, communication, planning, and problem solving
  • Producing more innovation/ encouraging initiative and responsibility
  • Generating a specific, yet adaptable plan that will serve as a guide
  • Facilitating the realignment of resources to strengthen institutions
  • Renga consultants have the experience to assess institutional systems, create a safe and productive space for the generation of innovative ideas, review policies and practices to determine those that help, and modify those that hinder progress toward the institution’s strategic vision.

Renga’s consultants have particular experience and expertise working in higher education institutions:

  • Understanding the dynamics of faculty, students and staff interactions in an academic setting
  • Facilitating challenging conversations
  • Understanding the individual as well as the group process

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